A touch of butter on noodles 🍝

Noodles are my favorite food after a long day of work. I can cook it fast, and devour it even faster while still savoring it.

About 10 years ago, I realized that adding butter made the noodles tastier. But not always. If you add butter early on or halfway through, it’ll dilute the spices. Unless you want to like I do. If you add butter right before there’s some gravy left for the noodles to absorb, the butter would melt over the noodles and form thin, smooth layers. Naturally, I do this too.

Here are pictures of some flavors of noodles I’ve prepared: Vegetable masala, Tomato, Capsicum, and an experiment of mixing hakka noodles with cheese balls. The last one was a weird choice but my taste buds liked it.

Micro Jatan @uncertainquark

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